GLHS School Counselors

Please read through your options and choose the best appointment type. In the event of an emergency please do not schedule an appointment and come straight to the counseling office.

Personal Check In (Non Emergency)

If you would like to check in with your counselor about a personal matter that is not an emergency select this option.

Duration: 15 minutes

Academic Support/Scheduling

Click here if you need to meet with your counselor to discuss academic concerns or needs. This could include stress over your workload, grades, course challenges, etc.

Duration: 30 minutes

Future Planning

Click here to schedule an appointment to discuss your future goals. This could be about career choices, determining your interests, discussing goals, etc.

Duration: 30 minutes

Parent Meeting

Click here if you are a parent that would like to schedule an appointment with your student’s school counselor.

Duration: 30 minutes

Senior Meeting

This is for Seniors only. This meeting is to discuss your plans for after graduation.

Duration: 30 minutes

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